Squamish United Church: Who We Are

 We are a dedicated group of people with a desire to share God’s grace and love within the community in which we live, work, play and worship.

Our Mission

Our Mission Statement is “to be an inclusive community serving God’s world.” At Squamish United church we are discovering ways to welcome while we seek to minister to the spiritual needs of the community. As a church our desire is to provide leadership and a Christian presence that serves both the congregation and the wider community. This vision and mission has created within our congregation a desire to upgrade our facilities that we might better serve the church and the community of Squamish. And so currently we have a very capable Facilities Development committee looking creatively and realistically for solutions that will serve the future needs of the congregation and community.

Sunday Worship

Our Sunday worship service (10 am) is joyful with uplifting music.  It is our desire to have worship that engages the participation of  adults and children of all ages, we encourage family and youth involvement.  We have a Sunday School program for young children available weekly during our Sunday morning worship service.  We conclude our worship service with coffee, refreshments and conversation.  Communion is celebrated the first Sunday of the month.


The church board is the organizing government of the church.  The board establishes policy, over see’s finances and ensures the church runs smoothly while seeking to maintain spiritual health. 

Values and Goals

Our values and goals are as follows:

We value our seniors.  Our goal is to maintain our strong pastoral care.

We value our children and families.  Our goals are to welcome and increase the number of young families worshiping with us and to enhance our Sunday School and Youth programs.

We value our inspiring Sunday services with compelling messages.  Our goal is to continue to support our minister with our Worship committee.

We value our strong music program.  Our goal is to continue to offer inspiring music to all ages.

We value our vital downtown presence.  Our goal is to redesign our facilities to provide a multipurpose use for our congregation and for the downtown community.

We value our staff.  Our goal is to maintain a well functioning Ministry and Personnel committee to support our staff and liaise with our congregation.

We value our lay leadership.

We value life-long spiritual learning.

We value the opportunity to reach out to others in the world.  Our goal is to continue to enthusiastically support the Mission and Service fund.

We value our sense of church community.  Our goal is to continue to care for each other as a church family.

Members of our Leadership and Board