Worship Committee

Our Worship Committee makes Sunday morning services meaningful and memorableThe Worship Committee at Squamish United Church is made up of a dedicated group of people who joyfully participate in making Sunday Morning worship meaningful and memorable.

Our role is to support the ordained minister in the planning and logistical details of Sunday morning services. Our responsibilities, then, include arranging lay participation in worship- as readers, as assistants to the minister in the serving of the sacrament of communion, and as actors in chancel dramas. The Worship Committee also coordinates the decorating of the sanctuary as appropriate for the seasons of the liturgical year. In order for our worship to be inclusive for all ages, there is a member on the committee who coordinates the Sunday School and ensures that the children are involved in the services where appropriate.

We meet approximately once a month to plan themes for each season of the church year and to prepare special services and to discuss issues surrounding décor (banners for each season of the church year, meaningful props) and ways to assist our minister in meaningful worship, such as use of special hymns and songs, props, and sometimes a short drama. Anyone who would like to participate in any part of worship is welcome to join our committee or speak to members of the committee about how you would like to be involved.

As a worship committee, we invite everyone to “Come and See” how the Spirit is working in 2010 and beyond.

Mission and Service Committee

This group of dedicated individuals keeps Squamish United Church informed of the vision, mission and practice of the United Church of Canada. The United Church has a desire to participate in God’s mission in the world. The mission and service fund of the UCC supports ministry within our own United Churches and in work with partners across the country and around the globe. (Current Chair - Hugh Kerr)

Caring Ministry

The caring ministry group assists the ordained minister with meeting the pastoral care needs of the congregation. They do so by writing cards, making visits, praying, offering gifts during the year and informing the minister when visits or specific requests for pastoral care are made. If you know someone who may need some extra loving care let this committee know and they will seek to address the situation in whatever way they can. (Current Co-charis - Maureen Gilmour and Moneta Neighbor / Board Liaison - Elizabeth Kerr)

Healing Touch

There is a group of trained healing touch practitioners within the congregation. They meet periodically (contact person Walter Huber).

United Church Women (UCW)

Our United Church Women group is very active within the congretationThe purpose of the UCW is to unite all women of the congregation for the total mission of the church and to provide a medium through which they may express their loyalty and devotion to Jesus Christ in Christian witness, study, fellowship and service.

Currently there are three units of UCW which provide varied opportunities for fellowship, worship, fundraising and service within our church community. Meetings are normally held monthly in the homes of members.

The units all welcome new members at any time: come as a guest and see if it works for you!  

UCW Executive President - Vicki Haberl 

Men’s Group

Mens breakfastThe men's breakfast group meets on the third Saturday of the month, at 8.30 a.m., approximately nine times each year. New participants are always warmly welcomed. Come enjoy a wonderful cooked breakfast, fine fellowship and some challenging discussion on a spiritual or personal growth theme. Although the mens group in not solely service oriented at times it does provide services for the church like landscaping, painting and maintenance work. (Current Chair - Walter Huber)

Christian Education

Christian education in the church is multi-generational. We have a energized program for children (please see Sunday School for more information). For adults we have educational opportunities both ongoing and occassional. Some of these include: Nuts and Bolts United (A five week program about who we are and what we believe - great for members new and longstanding); Reel Theology - Is there a movie that has sparked a lot of conversation for you? Let’s watch and discuss it together either at a home or in the cinema; Book Groups and Bible Studies- a weekly bible study takes place
from September-June - please ask the minister for more information.

Currently there is a desire is to find a few individuals who would be willing to spark some more youth and adult education programs with in our congregation.

Sunday School

Our Sunday School is run by dedicated teachers, bring fun Christian activities to children and familiesWe currently have a dedicated group of Sunday School teachers who offer fun activities with a Christian education focus during worship every Sunday morning at 10am. Children and families are welcomed into the morning service and after a brief gathering time the children are invited to their own worship time. We welcome families and children of all ages to join us either in Sunday School or Worship. 


Our Fellowship group coordinates the social activities of the congregation The purpose of this committee is to coordinate the social activities of the congregation, where no other group or purpose (ie fundraising) is involved. We make sure that potlucks and picnics run smoothly, and after worship coffee hours are looked after.

Prayer Shawl Group

Our Prayer Shawl Group meets weeklyA group of inspiring people gather on Friday afternoons at 1:00-3:00pm in the homes of the knitters. The prayer shawl ministry is connected with women world wide who knit and pray together. “Compassion and the love of knitting/ crocheting have been combined into a prayerful ministry and spiritual practice which reaches out to those in need of comfort and solace, as well as in celebration and joy. Many blessings are prayed into every shawl.” 


Our Quilters meet weeklyA group of Quilters meets in the church sanctuary on Wednesdays to work on their projects. Others are welcome to join the group or just come in the see the works in progress. 

Ministry and Personnel Committee

The Ministry & Personnel Committee oversees relationships in the congregationThe M&P Committee oversees relationships within the congregation. M&P is particularly concerned with the roles and functions of paid leaders and employees. In the United Church, we describe ourselves as "being in ministry together,” recognizing that the work of paid ministry personnel" is only part of the ministry that takes place in the congregation.

The M&P Committee has a dual role: it is consultative and supportive. Staff are encouraged to let the M&P committee know of any concerns that may arise and the M&P committee checks regularly with staff to support them in their endeavours. If there are issues within the congregation with regards to staff, members or volunteers this is the committee that addresses those concerns. (Current Chair - Nairn Stewart)

Property Committee

The property committee work hard to help keep our buildings maintainedThe property committee is a dedicated group of individuals who volunteer to help maintain our current property and buildings. This committee is responsible for regular maintenance ensuring the buildings are ascetically pleasing, all equipment is running efficiently and there are no safety concerns on the property. As a church we rely on congregational donations to keep all things appropriately maintained. The Committee members (aided by the congregation where required) use their time and talents to ensure these goals are met. 

Facilities Development

The Facilities Development committee is working to plan the redevelopment of the buildingsSquamish United Church is in the planning stages of a facilities development project. As a congregation in the downtown core of Squamish Our Mission Statement is “to be an inclusive community serving God’s world”. With that mission we are always seeking ways to better serve our community and world. This has lead us in the direction of a strata property project with sea to sky community services. (Current Chair - Louise Martin)

Finance Committee

This committee organizes and reports on church finances. The finance committee participates in and supports activities related to financial stewardship. This group recommends the budget for the working of the congregation. (Current Chair - Kevin Haberl)


The presbytery representative of the congregation attends presbytery meetings to keep informed of the wider happenings within the United Church as well as to keep presbytery informed of happening of Squamish United Church. We are a part of Vancouver Burrard Presbytery. Our presbytery reflects as wide a diversity of congregations as might be anywhere in the United Church of Canada. Included within our boundaries are the churches in the city of Vancouver from Burrard Inlet to 16th Ave. and east to Boundary Road; North and West Vancouver, Squamish, Pemberton, Sunshine Coast and Bowen Island. (Presbytery Representative - Trevor Harris)

For more information check out the presbytery website.