Current Events

The mission of Squamish United Church is to be an inclusive community serving God’s world.  One of the ways we seek to meet that mission is through events and studies.   If you want to know about a current study group, event, fundraiser or activity you are on the right page.  If you are looking for ways to get more involved and are not sure how to do so please contact our office or go to our groups and committees page to see what we have to offer.  If you have a dream or vision for a new program that you would like to spark please contact the minister and we will see how it fits with the mission and vision of Squamish United Church.  We look forward to seeing you at our next event

Men’s Breakfast - Saturday the 20th of Jan. at Centrepoint 38014-4th Ave. Time as usual: cooking crew starts at 7.30am breakfast is served at 8.30am followed by the theme and discussion ending at 10am. If you come a little earlier that’s ok, Don will have the coffee on; it’s a good time to chat, meet with old friends and make new ones.

The theme has changed and it is now: — Respect and the Law — Larry Murray is introducing the topic.  Thank you Hugh and Bill to offer to do the cooking and Graham and Garry Cotter to do wash-up /clean-up.  Also thank you for letting us know if you are coming or not, it helps with the preparation of the food.

Till Saturday, Walter


Meditation Time - Thursday mornings at 10:30 beginning in February 1st we will have a block of time set aside in the sanctuary for meditation. If you are interested in coming, please speak to Karen and let her know what type of mediation you would be most interested in. (Centreing prayer, guided meditation, movement - like yoga).


The Healing Pathway group meets at Walter’s place on Monday the 22nd Jan. at 7pm. For more information or session talk to Judi 604 892 5436 or Walter 604 898 4290.

Through Church community and groups, we can grow and heal in body, mind and soul. The caring, nurturing and community support are important to all form of personal healing and the journey toward wholeness.


Hilltop Hymn Sing – Sunday, January 28th – 2:00pm