Wedding bandsWe welcome you to think about Squamish United Church as place where you might celebrate your marriage and find ongoing community and support.  Our minister welcomes the opportunity to meet with you and discuss your upcoming plans.  There are all kinds of practical details to consider, and we would suggest that you check those out in the lengthy description in our Wedding Brochure, but know that we understand marriage to be a covenant between two people who come together, committing to a lifelong faithful partnership.  In the marriage ceremony they express this desire and hope with vows of love and commitment that are offered in the presence of God, family and friends.  We invite you to approach your wedding in this spirit.


Baptism serviceWe at Squamish United Church experience baptism as a celebration of life within the Christian community.  Baptism is an important decision for you and/or your child. We would be pleased to be with you in this celebration and the preparation that precedes it.  We invite you to meet with our minister to discuss what baptism means and why you are considering it for you and/or your family.

Baptism is above all a sacrament of GRACE.  There are no “requirements;” your child is always welcome, and will always be received by God, no matter what.  On the other hand, we do have an expectation that you are entering into this sacrament with seriousness and sincerity.  We hope that you will become part of our congregation, and we will do our best to welcome you and your child. 

The sacrament will be prepared according to your needs, however it is important for you to know Baptism is a welcome into the body of Christ and because of that it is preferred the sacrament be carried out in a public worship service.  Typically you will meet with the minister 2-3 times to prepare for this exciting celebration.  We look forward to journeying with you in this step of faith.  If you would like to talk to a minister about having your child baptized, please give us a call.  604-892-5727.

Memorial and Funeral Services

A memorial service is a significant part of saying goodbye to a loved one.  We express our sympathy as you walk through this step in the journey of life and death. 

Squamish United Church would like to assist you in your time of loss, by supporting you and your family in grieving, and by helping with arrangements that involve the church and its facilities.  Our minister is available to be with you in the ways you may need-- to listen, to pray, to simply be present, and to prepare an appropriate service.

A funeral service (with body and coffin present) or a memorial service (with or without cremated remains present) is an important way in which to honour one who has died and to help family and friends acknowledge their loss.  The minister will help you put together this worship service, discussing the eulogy or words of remembrance, Scripture readings, music and prayers, and all other aspects of the service.

Our minister is on call to enter into pastoral conversations with you and to bear witness to the love of God in our living and in our dying. 

Please feel free to contact our Church Office or the Minister for further information.