Karen Millard
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Angels Among Us
Tuesday evenings at 7pm
beginning November 27th - December 18th

Join us as we dig deeper into our Advent season together with this small group study! Join us as we discuss counteracting fear with messages of hope, peace, joy, love and life. Through these five sessions, we will journey with Dr. Brené Brown, who is a social worker, researcher, and best-selling author. Dr. Brown’s work speaks to how we let fear–in many forms–affect our lives. It’s the perfect time of year to explore Brown’s work, not only because it complements the worship theme but also because the holidays can bring up issues of perfectionism, unrealistic expectations, stress, sorrow and old or existing family conflicts. If you cannot make Tuesday evenings this study could also be done individually with journaling as the primary mode of reflection, or with a study partner. Additionally, if you can’t make every session I have shared the links to each video session here and on Facebook. I hope you will join us. Karen

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