Karen Millard
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This was the first time in years I did not participate in an Ash Wednesday service. It might seem strange but I have felt I missed out all day. I did my own reflection etc but it wasn't until I read this that I felt I had really engaged the day. If you are wondering what Ash Wednesday is this helps sum it up for me.


 I also invite you to begin a prayer chair practice. We will discuss this more in the weeks to come. For today. 

Ash Wednesday to Sunday: “Busy”

Settle into the chair and breathe deeply.

For the times when we have been too busy for you, God... forgive us.
For the times when we have been too busy to take care of ourselves... forgive us. For the times when we have been too busy to let our loved ones know how much we love them... forgive us.
Help us be open to your nudge in this season, to adjust to
your timing for us.

In this moment we hear your promise:
“You can just be you. It’s enough.
You don’t have to ‘perform’ for me,
or try to be anybody else except for who I created you to be.”

You do not ask us to live up to the standards of the world’s version of success. We are your children, and you love us. Right now.

I bring my petitions to you this day, O God. Here are the people and things I am worried about ...

Holy God, who holds me close as a Loving Parent does,
I honor this life you have given me and this moment to remember what’s important. I pray that your love will reign in all the earth and in my heart.
Give me what I need to get through the next 24 hours. No more. No less. Open me to give and receive forgiveness when and if that’s needed
so that serenity will return.
Your world is precious. This moment will never pass again.
With this breath I offer my deepest thanks.