Karen Millard
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This Sunday we spent time with Psalm 23. 

We gathered around a table of bread and cheese and grapes and treats set for us by the children. We talked about the importance of being present to one another. 

Invitation to Lenten Practices - we left with an invitation to spend more time with the ones we love and we were challenged to also speak with our enemies as beloved of God. 

We ended our service with the following blessing. 

Blessing for the Unhurried Life 

May the you find green pastures
and still waters along your way.
May you set tables and
talk to loved ones about the deepest things you know. 

May your life be emptied of meaningless rambling and be filled with meaningful encounters. 

And may you be reacquainted each day with an unhurried God
who is calling you to dive deeply into love. 

(enjoy the hymn attached in this post also).