Lisa Cameron
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We are seeking a Custodian to coordinate and clean the facilities of Squamish United Church.  The Custodian will be responsible for maintaining the Sanctuary and Church Offices on a weekly basis.  The Custodian will also be required to work following special events.

HOURS OF WORK:  $25/hour.  Two hours per week on Saturdays.  Cleaning following special events will be negotiated per event. Interested applicants are asked to forward their resume indicating the position applied for, to [email protected]



Responsible for the coordination and cleaning of the facilities of Squamish United Church.    


The Custodian is accountable to the Ministry & Personnel Committee for general direction and overall job performance, and takes direction from the Property Committee for day-to-day issues.   


1)     Responsible for cleaning the offices including vacuuming, dusting, removing garbage and recycling, and emptying the shredder.

2)     Responsible for cleaning the Sanctuary and Church hallway including vacuuming and/or sweeping, disinfecting floors, dusting (all surfaces on the alter, piano [no product to be used on piano], books in hall), and cleaning inside of windows.  Remove garbage and/or recycling.

3)     If cleaning is required following special events, ensure that everything covered in No. 2 above is clean, and ensure washrooms and kitchenette are cleaned (kitchenette only if used for the event).

4)     Follow health and safety regulations.

5)     Perform other related duties as may be required and negotiated.    


§  Be self-motivated and be able to complete needed tasks without direct supervision

§  Be able to provide own cleaning equipment and supplies §  Working experience as a cleaner

§  Knowledge of cleaning chemicals and supplies including disposal of same

§  Integrity §  Secondary school graduation or equivalent    


Two hours per week, preferably Saturday afternoon.  Cleaning following special events will be negotiated per event.