Lisa Cameron
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God is Holding Your Life A Journey of Assurance of the New Year Epiphany 2021

"In God Alone"

Week 2

“The works of God’s hands are faithful and just.” - Psalm 111 “My one and only!” So many songs have utilized this phrase to express devoted love. This week we see that this tradition goes back all the way to the poets of the psalm tradition. This is a love psalm of trust in the “Holy One and Only” who is the rock and refuge in the midst of life that sometimes feels as fleeting as breath. We put our trust in the One who, indeed, is holding our lives. Come to worship prepared to write down a prayer or meditation and place it in something that for you symbolizes God holding your life. We will do this together for a few weeks so you may want to set up a worship space with a prayer bowl, or praying hands and a candle to centre yourself in worship.