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“A Future with Hope”

Week Seven - The Bearing

And this is my prayer, that your love may overflow more and more…

— Philippians 1:9a

This week we remember that once planted and nurtured and cared for and tended, our gardens overflow. All of creation is pregnant with possibilities, bearing fruit and flower. Today we talk about sharing goodness and abundance with all as we cherish and celebrate the diversity and variety of creation. The Rev. Jenny Carter my friend and Colleague from salmon Arm will share with you today a message of hope and promise as she shares how she and her congregation have journeyed in a new way opening up to this kind of sharing with their community and world.So let me invite you to begin by stopping and preparing yourself for worship, find a candle to light. Sing along as you feel comfortable throughout this worship but most of all I invite you to pause and take the time to hear what God in growing in you this day.

 Make yourself comfortable as we worship together this day.