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You likely have seen the news that we as a church are struggling financially. The hardest part of that news for us is that our ministry and mission is vibrant and growing. We as a church take the commandment to love our neighbour very seriously and that means as a church we want to support and show love to our community in any way we can. The building of Centrepoint was part of that call on our lives as a church. We believe in this project still and it has created for us more and more opportunities to care for our larger community and world. 

The welcome we extend in this church is as broad and deep as we can make it.  We welcome you wherever you are on life's journey, no matter how young or old you are, whatever your marital or economic status, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, ethnic or cultural heritage.  We welcome those who consider themselves to be Christians, those who are part of other faith traditions and all who seek to explore the mysteries of life and serve the ideals of compassion, justice and peace. We seek to be a place that offers love, hope and spiritual care in every season of life. At squamish United Church there are many opportunities for you throughout the whole week. Join our drop in family music class, or study groups, seniors ministry or worship. This facility is busy almost every day and hour of the week with our Spirit Kids out of school care, music team practices, AA meetings, in from the cold extreme weather shelter,  dance groups and so much more. We long to be a church that everyone calls home and we hope that as you become a part of our family you too will find ways to volunteer and offer support in a variety of ministries and adventures.