No matter who you are or how you come to worship with us you are welcome in this place. At Squamish United Church we recognize everyone is in a different stage on our life and faith journey. We invite you to come as you are. You are welcome no matter what your age, marital or economic status, sexual orientation, ethnic or cultural heritage. We worship because we believe it enriches our life and deepens our connection with the holy, ourselves and others. As we worship we are strengthened for our daily lives no matter where they may lead us.

Along with regular weekly practice we also follow the church calendar and so in the month before Christmas we will celebrate Advent and in the month before Easter we will celebrate Lent. This will include special services and studies for the season.


At this time we are holding online services and study groups to ensure the safety and wellbeing of all. We will continue to monitor provincial Covid 19 protocols and resume in person worship as soon as it is safe to do so. If you would like to receive a link to our pre-recorded or zoom services please sign up for our weekly e-news. Our pre-recorded worship services will also be made available on our website at

Why Worship?

Worship helps us deepen our connection to God, ourselves and others. It inspires and strengthens us as we seek to live faithful lives in this world. At Squamish United Church Sunday Worship happens through music, reading, interpreting, silence, prayer, drama, service, and words. If you are new to worship we welcome you to come explore your faith with us.